Glycobiomarkers/in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), developed from innovative technologies in glycoscience and glycomedice, will contribute to human health.


RCMG Inc. is founded by Dr. Narimatsu, a pioneer of establishing various technologies of glycoscience research over 30-years with great success, intellectual properties and know-how.

RCMG’s proprietary technology platform is able to continually create novel biomarkers/in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) to detect specific disease conditions suitable for the diversity of personalized medicine.

Current IVD pipeline includes viral infection and oncology. Since glycosylation of cellular surfaces, secreted proteins and viral envelope protein reflects systemic condition and/or conditions of cells in patients, suffering from viral infections or cancers, glycobiomarkers for specific diseases would create more accurate biomarkers.

RCMG’s leading glycobiomarker, HBsAgGi, can detect specific glycosylation of HBV envelope protein of RNA-containing virions, thus will greatly contribute to monitoring therapeutic efficacy and/or treatment decision for HBV patients.